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January 19, 2016 update
Oops. Sort of forgot to update there, for a year or two. But here you go.

Rules by Erkki Kurenniemi (Full Contact/Ektro, 2012)

Double LP selection of artist, inventor and visionary’s pioneering electronic works, 1965–1973.
Recently featured in Tecknaren (# 5/2015)—so, still relevant again.

Kapinallinen kauppa by Anitra Komulainen, Sakari Siltala et al. (Siltala, 2015)
Corporate history of HOK Elanto 1905–2015. From idealist co-op movement to modern day store chain market leader.
With more than a pinch of unexpected intrigue and drama.

September 5, 2014 update
Added a couple of things. Still in transition layout and codewise.

Cover illustration for Pulsacion by Sound & Fury (Ektro, 2014)

Trying to grab hold of the forces rampant in the Finnish Jazz mainstays renditions of Edward Vesala’s compositions.

August 28, 2014 update
Still working on that over-ambitious, from the ground up, mega overhaul of the site.
While you’re waiting, here’s some samples of recent work—in a pedestrian HTML placeholder style.

Sseennsseess by Circle (Full Contact/Ektro, 2014)

Live recording of their collaborative performance with Mika Taanila.


Time Machines by Leevi Haapala, Kati T. Kivinen et al. (CAM, Kiasma, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, 2013)

Essays and articles on Mika Taanila’s films and fine art.


Hollywood by Circle (Full Contact/Ektro, 2014)

Double LP re-issue of their 2008 magnum opus. Illustrated by the inimitable Ville Karppanen.


Yksinkertaisuuden ylistys by Markku Kuisma (Siltala, 2013)

Professor Kuisma, expert of economic history, in his most incisive pamphleteer mood


Enharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ) by Mamiffer & Circle (Sige, 2013)

Church organ centered Finno-American avant-rock joint effort.
Breathtaking photos and illustration by Faith Coloccia.


Mannerheim—Viimeinen kortti by Juhani Suomi (Siltala, 2013)

A thorough examination of the iconic field marshal’s WWII politics and presidential term.


OK, that’s it. More soon. Thanks.