"-Listen to the rotating silver disk. You are beginning to feel sleepy."

ERIKOISDANCE––Keep polycarbonate alive!

• Premium performance, hand-bombed, burn on demand CDr's. 4 eurae per disc plus P&H.
• Place preliminary order (items wanted and shipping address) with info [at] mustakirahvi [dot] net to get calculus and PayPal info.

Soundcloud     Twitter    Vimeo
• To get aboard the NEWSLETTER list, type "I'm in" into subject field + mail to info [at] mustakirahvi [dot] net.

• November 13, 2023 update


Elektrifieringen av HangöHyvingebanan, the wonderful, railroad-themed album by Southern Finland specialist of techno and transportation IMBd, has been out for a few weeks now, earned a rave review in The Wire and is awaiting the praise of all the rest of you once you get to hear it.

Ordering details to the right.

• December 15, 2021 update


• An all new, thoroughly funky 27 minutes of techno art by Oggy records label head and Berlin techno greengrocer Oscar Wyers, Walking The Black Dog dropped in near silence at the end of last month. But if there's even just a pinch of sanity and taste left in the wolrd of electronics, the reverberations it will leave will be mega loud and long-lasting!

Order now or feel stupid later.


• September 17, 2021 update


• No site-updating in a while, but this one's well worth it! Vince Drvg Cvltvre (whose incomparably great CD-R trilogy Ubuntu you should all have ordered by now) just recently dropped a compilation on his own New York Haunted label, consisting of 18 tracks from various artists released by Erikoisdance over the last nearly 20(!!!) years.

All selections were made by Vince himself, meaning he actually listened thru all of our whole back catalog to pick the ones he likes the most, which must have been either great fun or quite an ordeal. Deserves a round of applause, he does.

OUT NOW in fully digital non-physical format. Easily bought and downloaded in just a matter of seconds, here: Less Weird Parallel Universe (NYH244).

• June 28, 2019 update


• OK, that which just went down wasn't an actual, proper maintenance break. Just me getting used to some new, very contemporary web design software while the site went unupdated for a while.

But now it's up and running again, in all it's old school, clunky glory. Orders this way please!

• May 9, 2019 update


• What do people do to celebrate dropping their label's fortieth CD-R release? Update their jurassic html-site with a new image maybe? Doesn't sound too festive if you ask me. Let's not. Have a few beers? OK, people do that to "celebrate" the end of a week at work or just, you know, the fact that they went to the pub maybe. Absolute lowest form of minor festivity, that.

• Oh, now I know! Make their 40th release part 2 of Drvg Cvltvre's technobiografical noisebeast of a trilogy Ubuntu, Ubuntu Psychosis! Now that would be something!
Let's do it!

Everything you need to know to the right =>
plus a press release <= here.

Aand there was a
newsletter too.

• January 22, 2019 update


• You have recently witnessed a highly interesting, longish phase of thumpiness being toned down in favour of art on our releases. So as we now, with great ease, slide in to the next one together—an era with equal emphasis on both—it will feel nothing but thoroughly natural to you.
CD-R heads, we are about to be elevated.
The Age of Thumpy Art begins.

• On a very serious note, the records we're releasing today—Ubuntu Portrait by Drvg Cvltvre and Transistor Amnesia by Treepio—are insanely good.
Do not miss.

Ordering info, clips etc. to the right =>
aaand press release <= there.

Anyone who's been wise enough to having subscribed to the
newsletter will by now have read this too.

• September 4, 2018 update


• If you decide to buy just **one**
optical laser media audiozine in 2018, be sure to make it this one!
• 39 minutes by contributors from across the Pan-European sphere—ranging from Finland to the Canary Islands via the NL and UK—jam packed with art, interviews, animal sounds, shop appliance sounds, sounds, sounds, sounds.

Ordering info to the right =>
preview clips and a full track on Soundcloud

and a
newsletter went out last week, with a bit more infromation.

• March 29, 2018 update


• Doing our best to unrepairably mess up both issue number order and release schedule, we decided to jump ahead to releasing
Erikoisdance 37 today! The only appropriate thing to do really, if you've just been given the opportunity to release an album like Ontto koppa by Ydinontelo; an acoustic projection of future life in utopia!
• The people behind this brilliant piece of speculative, genre fluid sound immersion (non-twins Julius and Pekka Jääskeläinen of Circle, the band) made it entirely on acoustic guitar. Yeah, let that sink in for a minute …
• I feel like a jerk now, for not keeping up with what's going on in the futurist six-string scene. If nowadays what people play sitting around fires at night is anything like this, I'll just grab my sleeping bag and move out to the nearest camping ground, permanently!

Ordering info to the right =>
Press release <= there
and one
full track up on Soundcloud as usual.

(Edit, May 17: link to newsletter added.)

• February 19, 2018 update


• Ooh ...

• August 16, 2016 update


• Two new CD-Rs out today, and both are just … wow.

• Read the newsletter and press release here, check the clip bundles (1, 2) on Soundcloud, then do what every sane person will.

Ordering info to the right =>

• August 16, 2016 update


• Yep, SC/DC, the Drvg Cvltvre and Sauce & Cop split
is out. So, in case you aren't one of those who have had to wait for their pre-ordered items (shipping this week ... ), long enough for us to qualify as an officially nearly actual rip-off label, order now!
• Newsletters, press statements and such later. Until then you'll just have to
hear the clips on Soundcloud and figure it out by yourself.

(Edit, Aug 27: press release added.)

• April 29, 2016 update


• Yes, as I just wrote in the newsletter I'm just about to send, Spatial Guest, the Non-baryonic Form project announced and started 3 years ago, is finally ready to be burned, xeroxed, paintmarkered and sent out into the world as 3 euro CD-R, thus offering a both great and cheap place to start for anyone interested in the—quite possibly soon to explode www-at-least wide—phoneomenon of
DIY Armchair Post-dance.
• To further prove our helpfull coolness we decided to expand the otherwise classic EP-length by offering a quite great O Samuli A remix of one of the tracks alongside it, as a www exclusive, free DL on the site. Download the
high quality AAC file, plus click links to clips on Soundcloud, in the paragraph w/ the specs and ordering info to the right.
• Order NOW to not miss out on anything this central in the world of underground, kvlt coolness. Or if you more into just reading about stuff like this, then continue with the press release  <= there.

P.S. Fully OK now to place a pre-order for the approx. during next week to drop Drvg Cvltvre / Sauce & Cop split too, together w/ this, to lower the postage costage. You won't have to wait THAT long anyway.)

• March 15, 2016 update


• Anyone who read the newsletter I just e-mailed out will know by now that we're releasing a new Twisted Krister record today. "Osani" is a quite brilliant little album-cum-poignant-pamphlet-like construction, taking his unique electronics and poetry combination to all new, higher than ever hights.
• The
press release => here <= tells most of what you need to know, but actually all you need to is the fact that you can order it from this here site you're looking at right now.
• Still hesitant? Well, there are some
clips on Soundcloud to check too of course. Orders will be taken starting … now!

Next up is "SCzDC", the split Drvg Cvltvre and Sauce & Cop CDr. Belated yes, but defo worth waiting for, as well as out very soon!

• January 27, 2016 update


• While you wait a week or two more for our next properly new stuff to drop (and try to crack the code of that cryptic headline up there) here's something free for you to download.
• Ladies and gentlemen: "Self-titled" by Hauskat kotivideot, the 2015 Free Internet Edition*!
• Vocals by Erkki "pHinn" Rautio and enough backmasking to play equally well in any direction make this 2010 "Homely but unhinged […] gem of stylistic idiosyncrasy"** the perfect bring-along record for unstable time/space continuums.

DL full 10-song, 28:30 min free album => here!
    * Originally released as part of Erikoisdance 14, a CDr split with Twisted Krister's Ringbahn
    ** Adam Harper, The Wire
    † Twisted Krister's part of the record is available either via his own bandcamp or by ordering the CDr, complete with artsy xerox artwork from us.

=> [Old news]

In the Compact Disc Digital Audio System, digital playback combined with laser optics produces the most accurate sound reproduction possible. For best results, the Compact Disc should be stored in a vertical position to prevent warpage, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight, heat or humidity for a prolonged period of time. Always handle the disc by its edges to avoid surface scratches, accumulation of foreign substances, etc. To clean, wipe the disc (in a straight line, from center to edge) with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Do not use solvents, abrasives, or record cleaners unless specifically indicated for use on Compact Disc.

Above: CD history display at the Swedish National
Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm.

(See ordering info at top of page)

• Erikoisdance 43
Release: Elektrifieringen av HangöHyvingebanan
Artist: IMBd
Running time: 70 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: September 2023

"As if Kraftwerk had produced a cost benefit analysis
for autobahn improvements."

Spenser Tomson, The Wire

Well said. Nothing to add really.

Audio: Clips and tracks on Soundcloud
PDF: Press release

(See ordering info at top of page)
Gray () = deleted

• Erikoisdance 42
Release: Walking The Black Dog
Artist: Oscar Wyers
Running time: 27 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: November 2021

Wyers' take on the techno funk is like hearing a future
dialect of your native tongue after waking up from 200
years of cryosleep.

Audio: Clips and tracks on Soundcloud
PDF: Press release

• Erikoisdance 41
Release: Ubuntu Papa Alpha
Artist: Drvg Cvltvre
Running time: 47 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: December 24th 2019

So, this is where it ends. And begins, as Vincent
electrifying noise opera Ubuntu reaches its
third part, and thus is born into proper trilogy existence.
With a bang. On christmas eve!

Audio: Clips and tracks on Soundcloud
PDF: Press release

• Erikoisdance 40
Release: Ubuntu Psychosis
Artist: Drvg Cvltvre
Running time: 41 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: May 2019

Part two of Vincent Koreman's fantastic, autobiographical
Ubuntu Trilogy, and nothing less than the 40th Erikoisdance.

Audio: Clips and tracks on Soundcloud
PDF: Press release

• Erikoisdance 39
Release: Ubuntu Portrait
Artist: Drvg Cvltvre
Running time: 53 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: January 2019

Part one of the Ubuntu Trilogy. A full album of highly
personal yet outward reaching noise by Vincent
and collaborators.

Audio: Clips and tracks on Soundcloud
PDF: Press release

• Erikoisdance 38
Release: Transistor Amnesia
Artists: Treepio
Running time: 43 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: January 2019

Emotion-packed, mesmerizing drum machine pieces,
on an unprogrammed, broken 606.

Audio: Clips and tracks on Soundcloud
PDF: Press release

Erikoisdance 34
Release: Erikoisdance 34 CDr Audiozine
Contributors: Kek-W, Christer Nuttinen, TFC,
Drvg Cvltvre, Jani Kivisola, Mika Taanila,
Las Conejeras and me

Running time: 39 min
Format: CDr + xerox sheet w/ liner notes
and translations

Out: August 2018

Everything you could ask for on one CDr zine!
Unreleased 1997 Jimi Tenor interview? Sure thing.
Performance art on the Canary Islands? We got it.
Bird song? Yup. Cat purr? Voilà.

Audio: Preview clips on Soundcloud
More: Newsletter

• Erikoisdance 37
Release: Hollow body / Ontto koppa
Artists: Ydinontelo / Hollow Core
Running time: 36 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: March 2018

Acoustic projections of future life in utopia.

Audio: Full track on Soundcloud
PDF: Press release

• Erikoisdance 36
Release: Parents Guide
Artists: IMBd
Running time: 42 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: May 2017

Boundless widescreen synthscapes described in detail by
leading South Finland techno resource center.

The whole sound glistens, as magical and shiny as the
aluminium mirror band on a new CD."
Robert Barry, The Wire

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• Erikoisdance 35
Release: Technotheque
Artists: Toby Esterhaus
Running time: 20 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: May 2017

Futurist cold war vignette-o-tech leaks, way ahead of the game.

"There is a sketchbook quality to Technotheque […] so
rambunctiously strange, it feels like stumbling upon David
Lynch’s telephone doodles."
Robert Barry, The Wire

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

Erikoisdance Christmas Download Jams 2016
Artist: Drvg Cvltvre/Toby Esterhaus/IMBd/NyKyN
/Sauce & Cop/Twisted Krister/The Water Lords

Running time: 22 min
Format: Format: Free DL
Out: December, 2016

Keep christmas handy all year with this merry bundle
of frosty, silent night-synth, industrial duty sleigh bass
and more than a few things in between!

• Erikoisdance 22
Release: SC/DC
Artists: Drvg Cvltvre / Sauce & Cop
Running time: 20+ min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: August 2016

The Cordon Bleu of the Pan-European Drum Machine
Avant-garde lay the table for a full four-course meal of
aquired taste cyborg ear-food from the future.

"Noisy, spasmodic affairs […] interspersed with […] playful
romps through gelatinous swamps, leaping from one 8-bit
platform to the next."
Robert Barry, The Wire

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• Erikoisdance 20
Release: Spatial Guest
Artists: Non-baryonic Form
Running time: 18 min
Format: CDr, xerox copy and free DL
Out: April 2016

Strong opener of the DIY armchair post-dance game!
18 minutes of high quality not techno techno on a
specially priced
3 euro CD-R + freely downloadable
remix expansion (below).

"Wavering fogbanks of synth pads [stacked] over drum
machines that could have been picked from keyboard
—Dan Barrow, The Wire

DOWNLOAD Free O Samuli A remix (AAC in 9 MB zip)

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• Erikoisdance 33
Release: Osani
Artists: Twisted Krister
Running time: 29 min
Format: CDr + xerox artwork/lyrics sheet
Out: March 2016

Poetry and electronics with a message.

"Kitchen Sink Groupe de Recherche de Musique Concrète."
—Dan Barrow, The Wire

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• FREE Internet Edition
Release: [s/t]
Artists: Hauskat kotivideot
Running time: 28:30 min
Format: Free DL (320 Kbps mp3)
Out: January 2015 (original CDr release 2010)

Free digital re-issue of a favorite (well, 1/2 of one actually)
described elsewhere on the site. Hesitant downloaders can
check the playlist on
=> soundcloud <= first.

P.S. Still available on CDr. Interested? Scroll down.

• Erikoisdance 30
Release: eP (audio) / The Courier (short prose)
Artist: Toby Esterhaus / Kek-W
Running time: approx 20 min
Format: CDr + xerox copy
Out: April 2015

Sci-fi short prose and miniature techno split by Somerset,
UK's finest and some other secret location's most secretive.

"It marries audio and text to create a techno-infused
sci-fi fable."
—Daisy Hyde, The Wire

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• Erikoisdance 32._
Release: Atomics / Nyquist-Shannon Theorem
Artist: Twisted Krister / Erikoismies
Running time: depends
Format: CDr('s) + item-specific artwork/packaging
Out: Nov 28, 2015

CDR DAY 2015 SPECIAL –– Two approx. 30 minute productions
cut into equal measures and distributed evenly between anyone
placing their order on November 28, 2015. Edition of ONE:
Every CD burned will be a future benchmark of uniqueness!

For sale for one day only, November 28, 2015.
2 euros + P&H. Maximum 1 CDr per order, sorry!

Clips: Previews on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• Erikoisdance 31
Release: Rope Commercial Vol. 3
Artist: Three Legged Race
Running time: 22 min
Format: CDr + xerox
Out: Nov 28, 2015

CDR DAY 2015 SPECIAL –– Part 3 of TLR's Rope Commercial
saga. Volatile mixed-fidelity electronic music and exclusive
xerox artwork by Robert Beatty.

For sale for one day only, November 28, 2015.
3 euros + P&H.

Clips: Previews on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• Erikoisdance 21
Release: [Untitled split CDr]
Artist: Coltor/Sauce & Cop + Three Legged Race mix
Running time: approx 39:00 min
Format: CDr
Out: January 2015

OUT NOW! Another great Erikoisdance release!
Yes: "–Release first, write press statement later"--that's
how underground WE are! So, ORDER NOW, and then follow
this space for soon to appear detailed release info, to be
just as techno as us. (Edit, Feb 11: press release added.)

"Arpeggiokuvio risteilee kimaltelevan maton päällä kuin
muumipeikko, joka herää talviuniltaan."
—Toni Korpi/Toni Kursu, Sellon kirjasto

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

• Erikoisdance 23–…
Release: [TBA]/Cross-interleaved Error Correction
Artist: Twisted Krister/Erikoismies
Running time: varying
Format: CDr('s)
Out: November 5, 2014

Two unique, made-to-order tracks and item-specific,
recycled artwork/packaging make this (CD) Record(able)
Store Day 2014 Special the ultimate CDr culture
**KVLT** totem!

A series of releases in the Hyper-limited edition of
one (1!). Outrare that, suckas!

For sale for one day only, November 5, 2014.
2 euros + P&H. Maximum 2 CDr's per order, sorry.

• Erikoisdance 19
Release: Live at Mannerheimintie 100 B 48,
December 31, 1998

Artist: Mallisto
Running time: approx 22:30 min
Format: CDr (+ 30 cm X 33 cm folded xerox inlay)
Out: March 4, 2014

Until very recently hyper rare nineties art-school synth
live recording enters burn-on-demand domain!

"A Casio-updated Young Marble Giants, […] or a lounge
band enclosed in experimental scare quotes."
—Dan Barrow, The Wire

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release

Erikoisdance Christmas Download Jams 2013
Artist: Drvg Cvltvre/Espoon Sähkö
/Harmony Metro Man/Sauce & Cop
/Twisted Krister

Running time: approx 10 min
Format: Format: Free DL (320 Kbps mp3)
Out: December, 2013

From us to You -- The Erikoisdance Christmas Download
campaign 2013! As experienced on
Soundcloud last
christmas. Now DL the whole bundle + artwork in one simple
click, here: [edit: sorry you missed it, Slowhand!]

• Erikoisdance 18
Release: Everything Oblivion
Artist: Drvg Cvltvre
Running time: approx 36 min
Format: CDr (+ 30 cm X 33 cm folded xerox inlay)
Out: May 17, 2013

A meticulously rendered, hi-fi t take on hard-acid,
Dutch sewer tracks and such, by master of the trade
Vincent Koreman (Ra-X, Dr. Rhythm, Junior Rafael
etc., and now DG).

"It works as a kind of hostile party record."
—Dan Barrow, The Wire

"A cross between Seefeel, Sunn O))), and the Modern
Love label […] that provides the missing link between
Matias Aguayo, Marcel Dettmann, and moombahton."
Philip Sherburne--spin.com

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
PDF: Full press release,
Inlay artwork

• Erikoisdance 16
Release: Jonkun on ymmärrettävä mitä tehdään
Artist: Sauce & Cop
Running time: approx 66 min
Format: CDr (+ 30 cm X 33 cm folded xerox inlay)
Out: March 8, 2013

Full length electro brut retrospective 1996–2013, by
enigmatic South Finland home recordists.

+ Bonus disc! V/A, SIMO Tracks, Appendices 1–2:
Additions and Corrections
(Erikoisdance 17) ships for
free with every order of issue # 16 (only), as long as
**limited** stock lasts.

Clips: Preview medley on Soundcloud
Free DL: Kranzbyhler Original on Soundcloud

• Erikoisdance 15
Release: SIMO Tracks
Artist: Erikoismies
Running time: approx 32 min
Format: CDr (+ 30 cm X 33 cm folded xerox inlay)
Out: June 19, 2012

The long overdue follow up to 2008's CDr Tracks.
Setting new standards for both creativity and deadline

"The range of different shapes and moods that Erikoismies
coaxes out of just a synth, a drum machine and a tape
recorder is beguiling"
Adam Harper, The Wire

PDF: Inlay artwork
More preview tracks on Soundcloud

• Erikoisdance 14
Release: Ringbahn / [s/t]
Artists: Hauskat kotivideot / Twisted Krister
Running time: –– min
Format: CDr (+ 30 cm X 33 cm folded xerox inlay)
Out: 2010

"Homely but unhinged […] gems of stylistic
idiosyncrasy and gorgeous personality"
—Adam Harper, The Wire
PDF: Artwork and liner notes

• Erikoisdance 13
Release: Juhannus 3008
Artists: Mallisto

New weird forest synth of Finland by obscure 90's band.

Photo: 1998  

• Erikoisdance 12
Release: Moskstraumen
Artists: Die Todesmaschine

Olde recordings by our in-house outsider dance supergroup.
Remix by Vince The Prince.

• Erikoisdance 11
Release: Sähkölasku
Artists: Omni Gideon

Midi jazz and synth funk reduced to a pulp. Remix by
Helsinki house legend ODJ Harri.

• Erikoisdance 10 (FREE Internet Edition)
Release: New Age Home Recordings
Artist: Mr. Yakamoto
Running time: approx 30 min
Format: Free DL (128 Kbps mp3)
Out: June 26, 2012 (original CDr release 2008)

Neo new age synthesizer music.

• Erikoisdance 9 (FREE Internet Edition)
Release: CDr Tracks
Artist: Erikoismies
Running time: approx 35 min
Format: Free DL (320 Kbps mp3)
Out: June 26, 2012 (original CDr release 2008)

"It's hard to pinpoint why Erikoismies's handle on bygone
electronic esoterica is so refreshing"
—David Stubbs, The Wire

• Erikoisdance 8
Release: Diabolus in musica
Artists: V/A

Occult electronics by Bernardo Washington, Elektrisk
bydåre, Chris Angel and others.

• Erikoisdance 7
Release: Stereo Balance in The Phythm Part
Non-baryonic Form

Outsider dance, freeform post-house, drum machine
music, you name it.

Free DL: Puujumala (320 Kbps mp3)

• Erikoisdance 6
Release: Complete Works
Artist: Poly-T

Primitive computer edits, stuck CD player style.

• Erikoisdance 5
Release: The West Coast Monosyna Sound
Artists: Crosstime Kangs vs. Erikoismies

• Erikoisdance 4
Release: Digitaalikirous
Artists: V/A

Non-baryonic Form, Hauskat kotivideot and others.

• Erikoisdance 3
Artist: [non-specified]

Headphone music for doomed to fail polar expeditions
and night-time crayfishing alike.

Free DL: Theme from Endurance (320 Kbps mp3)

• Erikoisdance 2
Release: Have You Seen This Erikoismies
Artist: Erikoismies

More Erikoismies tracks.

• Erikoisdance 1
Release: Ravaged by The Nu Age
Artist: Erikoismies

Rough, homegrown monosynth music.