ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, January 2019

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CD-R heads,

we have recently experienced a highly interesting, longish phase of thumpiness being toned down in favour of art on our releases. So as we now, with great ease, slide in to the next one together—an era with equal emphasis on both—it will feel nothing but thoroughly natural to you.
Friends, we are about to be elevated. The Age of Thumpy Art begins.

To celebrate this, two future benchmarks for the times ahead are released today, one of them slightly thumpier than the other. We have an impressive full album of highly personal yet outward reaching noise by Drvg Cvltvre + collaborators (Erikoisdance 39), and an equally mesmerizing one of emotion-packed, unprogrammed drum machine pieces by Treepio (Erikoisdance 38).

This here is the press release
and there's clips and tracks on Soundcloud.

On a very serious note, you will
not want to miss these. Visit the home of Erikoisdance and order today.

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