ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, June 2019

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How's **that** for a headline, ya'll?

• And what do people do to celebrate dropping their label's fortieth CD-R? Update their jurassic html-site with a new image maybe? Doesn't sound too festive if you ask me. Let's not. Have a few beers? OK, people do that to "celebrate" the end of a week at work or just, you know, the fact that they went to the pub maybe. Absolute lowest form of minor festivity, that.

• Oh, now I know! Make their 40th release part 2 of Drvg Cvltvre's technobiografical noisebeast of a trilogy Ubuntu, Ubuntu Psychosis? Now that would be something!
Let's do it!

• Or, yeah ... we actually did already. Back in May. No, really! But then I had to learn me some new software to update the site and blah blah blah. Anyway, let's forget about that and instead go

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