ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, April 2016

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Hey, psst … Spatial Guest is out.

• Yes, the Non-baryonic Form project announced and started 3 years ago is finally ready to be burned, xeroxed, paintmarkered and mailed out into the world, as 3 euro only CD-R (yeah, that's right, ONE euro per YEAR of work, CD-R heads!), and will thus offer a great place to start for anyone interested in the quite possibly soon to explode www-at-least wide phenomenon of DIY Armchair Post-dance.

• A follow up to 2008's Stereo Balance in The Phythm Part (Erikoisdance 7)—easily one of our biggest ever bestsellers and artistic audience favourites—in the sense that it's the first proper NbF release since said strange 35 minute mess of post-housey MIDI Jazz electronics and not electro Electro from 8 yrs back, Spatial Guest offers something way more galactic and sophisticated, all comprimed into just 18 minutes.

• We felt a need to expand that classic EP-length just a little tho, by offering a quite great O Samuli A remix alongside it, as a free DL. Venturing even deeper into freeness, the www only bonus track goes for none more than 0 (zero!) €/$/SEK/¥/£ = is 100 % FREE!!! You can grab the high quality AAC from the site
=> here or Soundcloud, which is the platform for checking the **clip medley** too, of course.

• Order NOW to not miss out on anything this central in the world of underground, kvlt coolness, or wait til approx. the beginningish of next week or so to order it together w/ the very soon to drop Drvg Cvltvre / Sauce & Cop Split, to avoid having me send you two thin envelopes instead of a bigger, fatter one with double underground, kvlt coolness value for the same postage costage. Pre-ordering the soon-out one is possible too, of course.

— Stay CD-R!

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