ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, May 2018

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Hey CD-R heads,

Erikoisdance 37 is out. Sorry it took me so long to tell you, but here's the story.

• Just a while ago the devastating blow of suddenly acknowledging the fact that I had been missing very close to everything that goes on and down in the world of contempo acoustic guitar music hit me. I was floored. Floored by the wake up call to my own subliminal narrowmindedness, the joy of what possibly awaits me out there now that the walls have been knocked down and –– most of all –– by the sheer mind-bending, multi-level effect of Ydinontelo's album Ontto koppa, the recordings for which I had been honored to hear. No need to even mention the level my Enthusiasm-o-meter hit when it turned out they let *me* release it! ("Them" being Julius and Pekka Jääskeläinen, also known for their work with mostly the electric kind of guitars in Circle, the band.)  

• I mean yeah, of course, I know the instrument. I'm no 100 % techno knucklehead in that sense. I've had my share of Bird and Almeida. Thanks to my wife's listening habits alone I can easily recognize the opening notes of "Brazilian Soul" by the first half-ploink. But what I heard here –– OMG … if you're not fully ready for it, the realization that someone can simultaneously tickle your brain both emotionally and on a purely physical level –– causing direct, blissed-out joy and what feels like the lower posterior segments of your eyeballs vibrating in their sockets –– by just touching some metal wires nailed to a piece of wood is
*immense*! If this is what it nowadays sounds like when people gather around campfires at night, I'll just grab my sleeping bag and permanently move out to the nearest camping ground.

People, you
order this, OK? 
And keep your earphones ready. You're going on a trip.


P.S. Here's the press release, and there's
one full track up on Soundcloud too, as usual.

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