ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, May 2017

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You know what this means, right?

• Most of you have hung with us long enough by now to know what an e-mail like this from Erikoisdance means, yeah? "New CD-R out", right? But this time—got you there—nope, wrong.
new CD-Rs out is what it means!

• And what CD-Rs! Wow. We have Erikoisdance 35, Technotheque by Bulgaria's (possibly, if sources at hand can be trusted) own Toby Esterhaus! Techno vignette leaks from a covert operator so ahead of the game that the rest of the scene—if ever there were another producer with merit and perspicacity enough to establish one—most likely would never catch up!
No, he's alone. Out there somewhere in Cold War 2.0 Europa, all trust gone for every ally, transmitting to no-one but Erikoisleaks.

• Did I just say "ahead of the game"? Damn … so I used that up, huh?
No, sorry; hate to repeat myself but ahead of the game could even be putting it lightly if it's IMBd you want to describe. IMBd's promo shot shows a pair of tail lights disappearing in a cloud of dust. IMBd will have read the papers, drunk the coffee and left for work every morning, long before you drag yourself out of bed. IMBd listens to contemporary techno and hears Lomax recordings of a hick with no teeth playing the fiddle. IMBd … well, you get my point. That was all just metaphorical of course, but Parents Guide (Erikoisdance 36) is the future.

• There's a full track and clip medleys of both (1, 2) up on Soundcloud as usual, but if you've had enough of clicking the internet now, just order; they're both out. A bit more info on that + press release and such on the Erikois site.


— Stay CD-R

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