ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, June 2012

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OK, sorry.

• Seems like we missed the scheduled and announced Grand Date of Release by a few more months. But what's a mere 90 days in the dust gathering, museologic realm of near future obsolete media and high definition electromusical art, the world of CDr?!
• 3 silly months. A blink of an eye compared to the monumental 10 years of hard home studio labour immolated to the conception of the Erikoismies record we officially release upon the, all cassettes and blog-downloads gone world of today, today.
• Well, it's not like we have gone all Desmond Child era Leppard on you or anything. Fear not. Production values are still quite fiercly lo-, or at least a few good notches below medium high, -fi and CDr to us still means "just like a CD but without proper mastering", like you have gotten used to explaining to your senior citizen relatives.
• But it's still a quite thorough piece of work tho. Like all of Erikoismies pressurized, compacted and solidified into 1(5) exact thruth(s).
• And then there's those free download digital re-issues too. So read on.


• The long awaited follow up to 2008’s CDr Tracks catches the Erikoisdance labelhead in some of his trackiest, loopiest, most meat and potatoes moods as well as revving up to highest conceptual art-snob gear.
• Fluttering. Solid. Nasal. Deep. SIMO Tracks is an excursion thru timber. The means of transport, on the surface, often crudely primitivist--a dugout monoxylon canoe--but richer in micro level detail than your average metro area public transit map.

• Check clips and place your order at

Erikoisdance 15
Release: SIMO Tracks
Artist: Erikoismies
Running time: approx 32 min
Format: CDr
Out: June 19, 2012


• To try to compensate for some back catalogue
deletions--not being a 100 % unlimited editions only burn on demand CDr label by definition anymore--as well as to celebrate the long overdue release of the new Erikoismies album, two Erikoisdance favourites have been (re-)issued for free download: CDr Tracks (2008), Erikoismies' previous album, and New Age Home Recordings, the enigmatic Mr. Yakamoto's conceptual level reanimation of 80's new age synthesizer music.

• Both dowloadable freely from

Erikoisdance 9
Release: CDr Tracks (2008)
Artist: Erikoismies
Running time: approx 35 min
Format: Free DL (from
Out: June 20, 2012 (original CDr release 2008)

Erikoisdance 10
Release: New Age Home Recordings (2008)
Artist: Mr. Yakamoto
Running time: approx 30 min
Format: Free DL (from
Out: June 20, 2012 (original CDr release 2008)

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