ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, August 2018

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Hey CD-R heads,

Erikoisdance 34 is out! Yes, really! That CDr audiozine I've been going on about in the social mediasphere for months. It turned out great and I can't come up with a single reason I wouldn't order it if I were you. I would have posted some clips somewhere, but just got semi kay-ohed by this brutal flu yesterday and decided not to. Anyway, it's a magazine for drokks sake, so you can't just go drop coherent clips of it like you would of a thumpy techno CD, right?  

But if I would have, then you'd have
heard what sounded like  

• birds singing
• a **very** interesting interview of Jimi Tenor, made in his hometown of Lahti, back in 1997
• conceptual language art read in Dutch
• frozen vegetables
• purring
• clips of clips of an audio essay
• performance art on the Canary Islands
• someone sayin "iPod" over and over again
• and a bit of music too.

"But that's exactly the kind of stuff I love to listen to!" I hear you say. Yeah well, order it then!

• The great people who contributed form quite an –– if not properly international –– Pan-European at least cast, including some of the usual suspects (Kek-W, Christer Nuutinen, TFC, Drvg Cvltvre and me) as well as some new-for-us-but-not-necessarily-the-cultural-sphere-in-general ones, such as Jani Kivisola and Mika Taanila plus finno-spanish super artist group Las Conejeras!

• If this damn flu hadn't reduced my capability for creative thought to something comparable to that of a potato I would've gone into lengthy descriptions of the theme of the release of course –– which has to do with stuff like cross-species communication and how magnetism allows us to reach across folds in the weave of time –– but the sircumstances being what they are, this is what you get. So, voilà.

• It comes with an inlay sheet, as they usually do, on which there are some translations of the longer Finnish sections. So don't let language skills become an obstacle when deciding wether or not to order

• OK. I'll have to get a few things done now before I'm off to bed again. E-mail me and I'll do the burning, xeroxing and postageing part next week. 
   But, oh … hey. Yeah! The label recently received severeal kind donations of blank optical media, which naturally will lower costs a bit for some time. So let's throw in a little
special offer at the end here. Order yours by replying to this newsletter and get it for just 2 euros (+ P&P). Yup: wow. 

Wish you all the very best of everything, and
keep them CDs Recordable, folks!


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Willow warbler photo © Andreas Trepte