ERIKOISDANCE––CDr culture update, December 2021

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Dear blank optical media heads,

the prolonged newsletter shortage is no more. It will finally be over once I press "send", after typing for you the few rows of news below, about highly topical goings-on in the CDR-verse.

• What I'm refering to is, of course, Walking The Black Dog (Erikoisdance 42), the new Oscar Wyers record that we were honored to release a while ago. Because, yes, it says "released in November 2021" on the press release, which should mean it's out already.

• Well, is it then? ... OK, seems I might have once more overestimated my capacity for simultaneously running a label, dropping top level techno, day-jobbing, taking a sneezing pet rabbit to the vet, attending film festivals and all such. But that's not all. This time I managed to miss some of the digitally coolest dates of my lifetime to drop records on too! Real heavyweights of loopy endlessness, such as 11.12.21 (111221111221111...), 12.11.21 (1211211211211...) and hyperultimate statements of semi-perfection like 12.12.21. Even the palindromic 12.02 2021 — DROKK!

• You know what tho? That's all for the better. Wyers' new record needs no marketing ploy. No extramusical attention grabbers. It's music with a universal, emotive and cerebral message high above any superfluous crap like that. A crystal clear concentration of modern dance music perfection that will make anyone with the slightest ability of hearing move. And it's dangerously funky. In fact so lethally funky that we'd have to check and make sure if it's even legal to market with ad-like gimmiks, pay-off lines etc, if we were a proper enough record label to do stuff like that.

• We're not. So, hear clips and a track on Soundcloud, check the details on the site.
Then order it.

And keep polycarbonate alive!

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Image [cc] The Uusikaupunki Museum