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• November 28, 2015 update


• Flags are raised, records burned, orders rolling in.
Treat yourself and your loved ones: both of our specials for today available today and today only!
• Find all the info needed in my previous posts and the paragraph below the image of the CD history vitrine at Stockholm's Museum of Technology to the right, but most of all …

—Have a good CD-R Day!

• November 24, 2015 update


CDR Day 2015, November 28, is very close now: next Saturday as I type this. Most of what you either need to or do know by now can be read in my previous update (below), so just a couple of reminders and clarifications this time.
• The event has gone semi-proffesional to a degree that it has an info site now:
cdrday.com. That will help you track down many of the other great artists/people/labels involved. And you can add your own info too when you join in, of course.
• There was a bit of news on The Wire's site, here. Check that, if you still don't get what it's all about.
• Let's not forget our releases for the occasion tho! They're by Three Legged Race, Twisted Krister and Erikoismies. Details plus links to clips, press statements and such in the paragraph over there => to the right, and this here newsletter.

OK. Hope to get some e-mails from you on Saturday then. I'll be here by the keyboard waiting.

• September 23, 2015 update


• Yes. It's happening again! What could be a more appropriate month to celebrate the now traditional CDR Day than November, the month of Sony's 1982 launch of the Compact Disc in Japan?
• The exact date is November 28, and just as last year we have (and this is not typical for us at all, as you know) some highly collectable, unique, special releases planned for the day—and to be ordered for that one day only(!)—this time by Three Legged Race as well as Erikoismies. More details as the day draws closer. Ooh, the suspense …
• And it's not just us us us of course, but a bunch of others too that have their minds set on making this an event to remember in the CDr world. At the time I type this at least Drvg Cvltvre (NL), Pink Twins (FIN), Mesak of the Harmönia label (GER), Dave Sector of Sector 12/12 (UK), Teemu Korpipää of Poop on Tape Cassettes etc. etc. (FIN), O Samuli A's Pelle Sensibile label (FIN) and Moving Furniture (NL) as well as Hacker Farm, Erikoisdance and 2000AD related renaissance creative Kek-W have announced on Twitter they're up to something too.
• That could be the best media for keeping track of where it's all going at the moment, by the way, Twitter: #CDRDay2015 and #CDRDay.

Also, do note that this is an uncentralized, totally open to all, amebic event. So dust off those burners, CDR heads, and join in!

• June 2, 2015 update


• It wasn't until after my semi-recent interview for the June issue (#376) of the magazine that I fully grasped what a bunch of uppermost level pros the people who write for The Wire are.
• Based on my horror-struck gasps for air and the little wheezy sounds in between the long, distressingly total silences over the phone, Daisy Hyde wrote an exhaustively detailed history of this our little label, defining quite accurately what it is we're about, and even threw in some mini-reviews of the last couple of releases, like it's no big deal!
• Check it out. It's good. Must have read it close to 50 times myself already, and it just gets better!
• And as if that wouldn't have been enough to make us total egocentric as*hole rock-stars, they even offered us the break to have some stuff streamed via their site as an add-on. So, one track fully
exclusive, one unreleased and another one hitherto not heard on the internet before, by TFC, Non-baryonic Form and Hauskat kotivideot are now up on their site => HERE.

• May 12, 2015 update


• This Friday (May 15) O Samuli A (Power Nap Recordings/Pelle Sensibile) is throwing a release party for his LP to be released on that same day, Field Trip, in the basement of Putte's (that place where they serve pizza as real food) in Helsinki.
• Both Mesak, JS666 and OSA himself will play, which will of course be great. The reason we command you––our loyal horde of (9) CDr heads––to pilgrimmage there is however the fact that the most semi-reclusive techno half-enigma of them all, the self-proclaimed kings of backwards futurist avant armchair dad-noise, **Sauce & Cop** will leave their comfortable, suburban flatscreen TV-dens to surface and play there too!

There's a Facebook event <= there, if you're into that kind of stuff.

• April 2, 2015 update


"Cornwall shielded his eyes against the glare as he watched the Daikon disappear into the maze of canopied stalls that made up the southern end of Hexanstrasse. State moved its sky-mirrors into their midday configuration, dimming Merope’s light to a milky opalescence the colour of a cataract."

• That was a passage from Kek-W's (2000 AD, Hacker Farm, Cap'n Dinosaur etc. etc.) half of Erikoisdance 30, the sci-fi short prose and miniature techno split we're releasing today. Below is a medley of clips from Toby Esterhaus's part.

Out now on CDr and xerox copy! Order yours today!

• March 26, 2014 update


• Here's a video for you to spend your time with, while waiting for Erikoisdance 30, the sci-fi short prose and microscopic techno split with Kek-W and Toby Esterhaus, to drop next week. Video production and cinematography by the mysterious T. Esterhaus himself.
• Check this space for more info soon! And do pre-order if you feel like it of course.

• January 27, 2015 update


• OK, this is not the actual, official update with links to intricately detailed, spell-checked press releases and all that yet, but as we surprised ourselves with suddenly having a release ready to burn and circulate we might as well serve it up and start taking orders now. So, voilà!
• It's a 40 minute CDr split between our favorite below-underground backwards futurist avant techno and dad-noise enigma
Sauce & Cop and just recently surfaced, equally semi-secretive and wraithlike hypno drum-machine driver(s?) Coltor, including a Three Legged Race remix kindly provided by cross-disciplinary multi-talent, design icon and international festival circuit drinking buddy of ours, Robert Beatty!

• November 5, 2014 update


• The reason you're here is because all our massive spamming payed off and you've heard of our (CD) Record(able) Store Day Specials, right? Well, then all you need to do is follow the instructions above (which, simply put, just go "e-mail us").
• And note, the Erikoisdance 23–… split singles can be ordered TODAY ONLY, so act fast! (Altho we admit it was a slow morning, slept late, info wasn't upped here until noon and so on, so if you ask nicely tomorrow AM we just might still make and send you one.)
• The price is 2 euros. Calling it a bargain would be putting it lightly, for two tracks made specially for just You. Speaking of which, it's a pretty special release this, every track is really made-to-order so, just to avoid delays, max. 2 records per order.
• Orders will ship approx. one week from now.

=> [soundcloud] 1
=> [soundcloud] 2

• October 27, 2014 update


• By now you're all aware of that The First Annual (CD) Record(able) Store Day will take place on November 5th, right? Good! Then it's of no use telling you that the best way to stay hip about what's going on is by following the tag #CDRDay over at Twitter (and possibly Facebook too, dunno).
• Our contribution(s), Erikoisdance 23—…, a series—the final extent of which is yet unknown—of split singles, all in the edition of ONE (1), will be available thru (the e-mail mentioned up there on) this site FOR ONE (1) DAY ONLY. Hear that? Not lying when I say you can't get much more exclusive, right? Every single CDr will be unique! Now, being opposed to anything exclusive or generally snobby in any way is pretty much what we're all about, edition- or otherwise, so we figured there's room to question our punky stance and inclusive ethos, becoming our own evil mirror-image twin, for at least just one day of the year. So, no repress, no DL, no boasting about it, airing all the tracks all over Soundcloud later. No, when they're gone they're gone.
• Oh, what's on it? Each CDr contains it's own personalized versions of "Cross-interleaved Error Correction", a serial work of DIY armchair post-house by Erikoismies, and "[TBA]", a piece of modern modular mastery by Twisted Krister. The final title(s) of the latter you'll most likely not get to know before you recieve your own totemlike, **KVLT** artefact in the mail. Previews will be uploaded later this week!
• Follow this space, us on Twitter or jump aboard the newsletter list now to not miss out on this.
• Other labels whose specials to look out for include at least Sector 12/12, Moving Furniture Records and (Drvg Cvltvre's own) New York Haunted. Among the artists to be released are such greats in their own fields as D'incise and Ekoplekz.


• Any other news? Hmm … not really, no. Not news. But if you missed these clips of Sauce & Cop and Erikoismies playing live at the (100 % awesome) Electrónica en Abril 2014 festival in Madrid we posted earlier, check them now. Cult sh*t!

• April 25, 2014 update


• World premiere in Madrid, April 2014 — Now on Vimeo. Words fail to describe how proud we are to announce the online premiere of enigmatic, off-Youtube video auteur Enrico Fontana's outstanding clip.
• Cinematography by an anonymous real-estate agent in Pihlajamäki, spring 1974.

• March 4, 2014 update


=> [soundcloud]

Finally out, amazingly. A live Mallisto EP-length, recorded on New Years eve 1998. Lost for a decade, now accidentally unearthed, to our great surprise and pleasure! With possibly the funkiest incarnation of the group: Jukka Vallisto on bass, Jenni Rope and Christer Nuutinen keys and electronics. This is nineties, no arpeggiators, vocal-free art school synth at its grandest ever best!
• Check the clip medley above and fine print data over there to the right.

• January 6, 2014 update


=> [soundcloud]

Yeah, happy new year CDr heads! The ones of you familiar with, or active in even, the worlds of Twitter, Soundcloud and personal e-mails will have noticed by now the nice little free downloads campaign we ran in those realms during the christmas holidays. The outcome of which, modestly put, could pretty well be described as the single **BEST** 5 track, 10 minute electronics compilation of December 2013!
• Digital only, we regret to tell you. So, no CD's in the mail or other physical human-to-human action this time. Sorry. Jam packed with candlelit spirit of christmas vibes tho. Just as the above demo (of Sauce & Cop's contribution) shows.
• Check the column over there to the right for download clicks.

• May 25, 2013 update


• OK, Erikoisdance 18 is out. Everything Oblivion by Drvg Cvltvre.
• You heard the clip medley and that so-good-it's-silly house track on Soundcloud. You KNOW you need it.

• March 9, 2013 update


Jonkun on ymmärrettävä mitä tehdään, Sauce & Cop's impressing 66 minute album is finally out
. Read the press release here, check detailed specs over there to the right, and place your orders.
Note that the bonus disc ships free with every order only as long as stock lasts. Strictly limited edition of we're-not-telling-you-how-many.

• January 8, 2013 update


=> [soundcloud]

• From Erikoisdance 16, the forthcoming avant old-time mountain-style techno vulgarist mystery (compact) disc (recordable) by already-on-The-Wire-comp-featured South Finland Electro Brut greats.

• Now freely downloadable just one click (above) away on
• Record in it's VERY last stages of "production" (the lying-around-on-hard-drive-without-proper-track-sequencing-or-artwork-yet stage)!

• August 23, 2012 update


• One (more) good reason to subscribe to The Wire! A track by Sauce & Cop (or a medley of 2 actually), "OGG Vorbis/Drummer One", featured on the Under The Radar compilation, free with the current issue (#343) for subscribers only.


• Now on Vimeo, the first ever official Erikoismies video.
• Shot by the man himself on a prepared caleidoscope. The track is "535" (from SIMO Tracks), a joint venture with Alva Peurakoski.

• August 23, 2012 update (cont.)


• You have aquired the taste, now experience the real deal.
70 minutes of bona fide, home-made electronic rawness by enigmatic (until someone has time to write a proper press release and shed some light on this at least) duo Sauce & Cop.
• Techno priitivism. Cell phone acid. The recorded mating calls of selected drum machines 1991–2012. Loads of Boss gear. And what sounds like severely deteriorated eurodance era Tom Jones records. COMING SOON!
• Hear
one whole track at Soundcloud.
Some other newer stuff there too. Go check.

Erikoisdance 16
Release: [TBA]
Artist: Sauce & Cop
Running time: approx 70 min
Format: CDr
Out: Autumn 2012

• June 19, 2012 update


• The long awaited follow up to 2008’s CDr Tracks catches the Erikoisdance labelhead in some of his trackiest, loopiest, most meat and potatoes moods as well as revving up to highest conceptual art-snob gear.
• Fluttering. Solid. Nasal. Deep. SIMO Tracks is an excursion thru timber. The means of transport, on the surface, often crudely primitivist--a dugout monoxylon canoe--but richer in micro level detail than your average metro area public transit map.

Full press release (PDF).


• To try to compensate for some back catalogue
deletions--not being a 100 % unlimited editions only burn on demand CDr label by definition anymore--as well as to celebrate the long overdue release of the new Erikoismies album, two Erikoisdance favourites have been (re-)issued for free download: CDr Tracks (2008), Erikoismies' previous album, and New Age Home Recordings, the enigmatic Mr. Yakamoto's conceptual level reanimation of 80's new age synthesizer music.

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